This Is Me

You want to know more? What’s my background? What do I love besides theatre?

I am a small-town, Delaware native. I attended high school at Peddie School in Highstown, New Jersey – a place that I will always call my home. I fell in love with many things at Peddie: theatre, community, philanthropy, leadership, and more. I attribute my desire to study and explore many paths to the faculty and culture of Peddie. It was there where I developed a desire to leave places better than I found them, and to always employ our motto, “we finish our labors to begin them anew.” I now study at Vanderbilt where I am pursuing a B.A. in Theatre and English with a minor in Business or Political Science (I am indecisive in the best way possible).

I love a good book, the color pink, and an impromptu photo shoot. I love writing, and singing, and I am in a committed relationship with crime shows. A cup of coffee and a hot shower can cure most things, but, if they can’t, Jesus always will. I can quote every line of Legally Blonde (the movie, and the musical) and I pride myself on the ability to do so daily. I work hard, and I smile hard, something I’ve learned is equally important.

I’m enjoying this wild ride of life – stopping to take as many pink-themed photos as possible.

This is me.