This Is Prayer

Every so often there’s an image or sound clip that goes viral on the internet with the tag “what colors do you see?” or “what word do you hear?” The most famous examples of these fads, I think, are the photo of an ugly lace dress that couldn’t decide if it was black and blue or white and gold, and the sound clip that either said “Laurel” or “Yanny.” Personally, I find these things pretty dumb, but still, they really got under my skin. I always saw a blue and black dress, and it bothered me that I couldn’t see white and gold. Similarly, I heard “Yanny,” and was quite annoyed that I could never hear “Laurel.”

It honestly made me feel like something was wrong with me. Why can all of my friends hear one word and I’m hearing another? Why do they see white and gold, but I’m only able to see black and blue? If I can’t see the “right” colors, or hear the “right” word, is my sight and hearing invalid? I know I’m making this childish fad out to be a big deal, but the message it carries honestly is a big deal.

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Hold On, Hear Me Out

Some people absolutely love going to the gym. I am not one of those people. At least, before last week I wasn’t.

It’s just always been hard for me to see the appeal of working out. It’s not that I totally hate the gym, but if I don’t go for a long time, I never want to go back. Occasionally, if someone really encourages me to workout, I guess I’ll force myself to go. But the minute I get out of a cycle, I completely dread everything related to the gym. If someone so much as mentions a workout, I cringe. Please, please, stop talking about the gym. I haven’t been in forever. I seriously can’t go back.

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Hey Stranger!

Hey stranger!

That’s how my unsent text message read – “hey stranger.” I paused momentarily, considering whether sending this text was a good idea. I decided it wasn’t, but I did it anyway. As I hit send, “hey stranger” transformed into an ominous blue text box hovering over the word “delivered.” My words were no longer simply evidence of contemplation – that is, they were not simply black letters in a text bar waiting to be sent. I robbed them of the option that they may become one of those “I’ve thought about sending this forever” texts. Their existence as they knew it was over; and, yet, somehow their life had just begun.

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