The Year to…

I know it’s already February, but since I’ve created this blog, I wanted to take 2019 to focus on writing more. I thought if I decorated a Bullet Journal, I might be more encouraged to pick it up and start writing. Even if I had no ideas about what to write, I could look at my front page, and hopefully something would come to me.

The inside cover of my Bullet Journal says “the year to…” with a graphic of a few things I wanted to remind myself of this year. Some of these things are directly linked to my writing, and some are not. But they’re all important to my goals and my use of that journal, so I thought I would explain what each of the graphics mean.

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Nothing Like Plastic

For the past several months, I’ve desperately wanted to see Mean Girls on Broadway. This is not only because it’s Mean Girls (I mean, come on) but also because I’ve seen the lead, Erika Henningsen (who plays Cady Heron), perform before, and I knew how amazing she was.

I was finally able to get tickets over Christmas break, and I was so excited! When I realized what day I would be going, though, I felt a strange sense of deja vu. My Mean Girls tickets were for December 30th, 2018, and this date felt eerily similar.

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