This Life Is Crazy

Coming off the heels of Vanderbilt’s fall break, I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about this week. Most people seemed to go home to see family and friends, or headed off campus for a few days to some place fun. I, however, stayed right here in Nashville! My best friend from high school came to visit, and we went to a concert for a singer named Ben Rector.

But, aside from the concert, we did very little… and, honestly? It was great. It was nice to simply catch up, both on life and on sleep, and just chill…

After an amazing night at the Ryman Auditorium watching Ben Rector, I immediately knew what I would write my blog on…

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Gate C9

In the fall of my Senior year, I embarked on an extremely un-epic journey of several college tours (sporting my Stans, of course). I had no idea where I wanted to go to school, so I decided to cram five tours into the span of six days. 

I started with a drive from NJ to DE, then packed my bags for a train ride to Charlottesville, VA the next morning. My mom and I got off the train in Charlottesville, took an Uber to the Enterprise Car pick-up, and attempted to pull open the door. When the door wouldn’t budge, we realized the pick-up closed at 2:00pm on Sundays, and we were just 20 minutes too late… the already stressful weekend was not off to a good start.

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